Geelong Ninjas workouts poses significant risk of serious injury to children and other participants and members. Obstacle / Ninja Training can be dangerous to adults and even more dangerous to children. The risks of injury include but are not limited to cuts, bruises, broken bones, slips, collisions, trips, sprains and more.

Our Ninja classes are structured classes with coach supervision.  Safety is & always will be our number one priority.  Management & staff will take every precaution to prevent accidents & injures.  If a child is acting in a way that has the potential to cause injury to themselves,  staff or other participants they will be removed from the program.  In the event of an accident or injury our staff will not hesitate to call an ambulance.  There is always a First Aid Officer on the premises.

Geelong Ninjas does not have any supervision for the children outside of the  Ninja classes.   When in the facility you  agree to take responsibility to monitor them to make sure that they follow all rules and regulations of the facility.

WAIVER OF LIABILITY I agree to release and discharge Geelong Ninjas (Geelong Ninjas PTY LTD) , its personal, owners, operators, the facility owners, agents, volunteers and all other parties related to the ownership and operation of the business from all liability whatsoever, and waive all claims, demands and actions for any and all injuries, harms, or damages sustained by the children named below in connection with their use or presences at our location or at any sponsored event whether within the venue itself or outside of the premises or another location where Geelong Ninjas is associated arising or resulting from the negligent acts or omissions of me, any other child at the facility, other members, guests, visitors or other persons at the gym or outside of the gym. I agree to defend, indemnify and hold Geelong Ninjas and the released parties harmless against all claims including attorneys fees and costs, brought by anyone against Geelong Ninjas related to such injury, harm or damages.

SPONSOR: By signing below, I agree to be the responsible sponsoring adult, and agree that I will be responsible for the supervision of the children to ensure that they follow all rules of the facility and will be responsible for the children named, always while they are in our facility  or a Geelong Ninjas sponsored event. In the event that the children named are involved in an accident or an incident that requires medical attention, I agree that as the responsible sponsoring adult, I will be responsible for making all decisions related to medical and survival procedures of the children, including but not limited to decisions and the cost therefor about medical care, the administration of medication, the performance of life sustaining procedures, and the transportation and admission to any hospital, health centre or medical clinic. I warrant that the children are in good physical condition and that the children are not on any medications or that they do not have any disease or injury that would preclude them from physical activity.

I understand that Geelong Ninjas are not responsible for the children that are not participating in the structured classes. Should it be necessary to bring a child that is not participating in the group training, I understand that they must be away from all equipment and obstacles at all times to avoid injury to themselves or others. I also agree that they will conduct themselves responsibly while on the premises. I agree that I will supervise all children in my care always and take full responsibility for their actions and any damages that may occur as a result.

Request for admission of children under the age of 18. As the true legal guardian of the below named minor child/ren, by signing below I agree to the terms stated herein.

by signing below I agree to the terms stated herein.